There are many different types of Cupping, some of these include:
Dry Cupping – This is a widely used cupping method whereby only a suction stimulation is applied on the body. Dry cupping enhances blood flow to the cupped area and also improves the blood circulation. Dry cupping is ideal for weak or elderly individuals.
Massage Cupping – This is a specialised technique that has a deeper effect than traditional hand massage. Massage cupping is ideal for relaxing and loosening muscle tension, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Wet Cupping – This is the most practiced and favoured method amongst Muslims and the early medical practitioners. Wet cupping involves extracting small amounts of blood and tissue fluids mixed with potentially harmful substances from the body (consider it to work like an artificial kidney). Wet cupping is ideal for removing stagnated blood, improving blood circulation and boosts your immune system.
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