A sucking or vacuum effect is created on the surface of the skin on certain points of the body using different kinds of instruments, such as, animal horns in olden times, bamboo, glass cups with fire and now in modern times, disposable plastic cups with a hand pump are used. The skin is pulled up into the cup and with it, tissue is pulled up into the cup making it somewhat swell and so increasing blood flow to that area through capillaries that filter the blood. This increases blood flow and filtration draws impurities, pathogenic matter, toxins and contaminated matter away from deep organs, tissue and other parts of the body in the vicinity, towards the surface just under the skin for removal. Then when the cups are removed, the skin is scratched turning the skin into something like a filter, the suction with the cups is reapplied and the bad blood with all the above contaminants, bad matter and toxins are drawn in to the cup hence removing stagnation, stasis and adding extra oxygen and invigoration to the body and organs.
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