- Give some sadaqah before-hand for Allah's pleasure because it is recommended that we treat the sick and remove calamities with sadaqah.
- Have a bath or shower an hour or more before the Hijama or Cupping session.
- Complete strenuous chores or all strenuous work before the Hijama/Wet Cupping or Cupping session.
- Hijama/Wet Cupping should be done on an empty stomach.  Hijama/Cupping is best done in the morning. Food especially heavy food should be avoided from the night before and if that is not possible then the person having Hijama/Cupping done should fast for at least 2 to 3 hours before the Hijama/Cupping session. It is perfectly fine to drink fluids.
- Wear appropriate clothing for the Hijama/Cupping session like a vest, baggy shorts or three quarter shorts. The individual may be asked to take of their top or any other piece of clothing after an assessment depending on the condition of the individual and requirements.
- If the individual would like Hijama/Cupping done on hairy places then they should shave the places before the session.
- Bring all medical information, all medical reports, what medicine is taken and take all prescribed medication before the session as usual.
- Hijama/Cupping has an analgesic effect so the individual does not have to take pain killers if they don’t want to.
- If you have any serious medical concerns then please see your local GP before the Hijama/Cupping session.
- If you have diabetes please control your sugar levels before attending any Hijama/Wet Cupping session.
- Wear warm clothes when it is cold.
Possible side affects during or after a Hijama session:
• Bruising that can occur after Hijama therapy, which can last around 10 days depending on its severity. This is quite normal and a harmless after affect.
• Dizziness- this can occur if the patient has low blood sugar (in which case drink water mixed with honey)/  nervousness.
• Nausea- this is a common side affect during Hijama, but does not last long.
• Tiredness or feeling Extremely Relaxed- this usually occurs after the session and may last for 1-2 days. It is a very common after effect; due to the body working hard and focussing it’s energy on the areas where Hijama was performed.
• Energy- some patients get a burst of energy almost immediately after session. Even if this happens, patients should still pace themselves and not overdo it, because the body needs time to recuperate after the Hijama process.
In cases of Hijama/Cupping being done to relieve pain it is very usual to feel instant relief but that may not always be the case. Some conditions require 3 sessions.
Note: Every patient is different and therefore not all will suffer from after effects of Hijama/Wet Cupping.
After each cupping session the patient should do the following:
• Drink honey mixed in water after the session and drink plenty of fluids.
• Avoid dairy and red meat products for 2 days, because digesting these food require increased energy levels and more blood flow. These foods reduce the blood flow to the cupped areas and slowing the healing process.
• Avoid having a shower or bath for 24 hours
• Apply black seed oil or any antibacterial cream/liquid on cupped areas to help itchiness, aid healing, reduce scarring and reduce the risk of infection. This should be repeated 2 to 3 times a day until the cupped areas are healed.
• Avoid strenuous activities and rest but stay relatively active.
• Avoid sexual relations with spouse for 24 hours.
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